Help me, I’m a Beginner!

There are a couple of great resources available to you as a beginner. Note that you are really learning (at least!) four things at the start:

  • How to connect to data sources and extract, transform and load them (ETL). That means identifying the field names and their type, cleaning data, merging fields, and filtering as you import.
  • Connecting the different data sources by adding relationships.
  • Building report pages that allow the user to filter or slice data, and display meaningful visualizations that give them the ability to make good decisions.
  • Pinning individual page visualizations to a dashboard, which keep the filtered context when you pin them.

You need to get an overview of all of these steps and learn as you go. Check into some online video based classes here:

There are many books at Amazon and other book retailers and they are worth looking into. Keep in mind that Power BI is updated every month and that a book written as late as 2018 might be outdated because new features have been released. It does pay to have books handy, however, and you probably need one or more of these types:

  • Beginner
  • Mastering
  • DAX and/or M focused (Albert Ferrari and Marco Russo)
  • Data Modeling/Relationships

The main thing is to practice. The more you work with importing, manipulating and creating reports on data, the better you will get at it.

Have more ideas? Post them in the comments below!