Parker Stevens of BI Elite shows (YouTube: several ways to use the date slicer including:

  • Between – select the begin and end dates either by typing or using a slider
  • Before – select only the end date
  • After – select only the begin date
  • List and Dropdown – display all dates in a list
  • Relative – select the Last, Next or This number of periods (Days, Weeks, Weeks (Calendar), Months, Months (Calendar), Years, Years (Calendar)

He also mentions how to display text showing the begin and end dates chosen using DAX:
“to create the dynamic title, create a measure with DAX similar to this: Title = “Dates including ” & FIRSTDATE(DateTable[Date]) & ” to ” & LASTDATE(DateTable[Date])”

The slicer is also described by this YouTube video published by Microsoft for their edX course on Power BI.